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How to stay cybersecure in a few simple steps

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of securing data and the technology systems handling that data.

Today, a lot of our personal information is transmitted and stored online, from our email addresses and phone numbers to our credit card and Social Security numbers. Criminals work constantly to steal that data, but fortunately we can protect ourselves by practicing good cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity includes the confidentiality of who views your information, the integrity of your digital presence, and its availability to others.

Cybersecurity basics

Why it matters

Cyberattacks can destroy personal lives and finances and shut down businesses. For example, consider the Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG, formerly Kronos) ransomware attack last December, after which some UKG services were inaccessible for months. The cyberattack affected about 2,000 businesses and countless employees — including the University of Utah — and has led to multiple lawsuits against UKG. Even though the attack happened in December 2021, it took UKG more than a month to restore services, and at the university, paycheck discrepancies weren’t fully resolved until the end of March 2022.

Last Updated: 9/16/22