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Security Champs Program

What is the Security Champs Program?

The Security Champs Program supports an engaged, enthusiastic university community dedicated to evangelizing best information security practices in their departments, colleges, offices, research groups, and centers. Sponsored and supported through the U's Information Security Office, the Security Champs Program is designed to strengthen university-wide information security risk management through education and collaboration.

Who are Security Champs?

Security Champs represent their academic, administrative, clinical, or research unit in working alongside the ISO to support information security and privacy best practices.

What will I do as a Security Champ?

  • Serve as the representative for your unit (one rep per academic, administrative, clinical, or research unit)
  • Coordinate with the ISO to implement the university’s information security and privacy policies and procedures in your unit
  • Promote information security and privacy policies, procedures, and best practices in your unit
  • Attend information security and privacy awareness and training presentations, seminars, workshops and events at least quarterly
  • Disseminate ISO information to your colleagues to raise awareness about information security and privacy issues
  • Participate in and support information security incident response and reporting processes
  • Provide guidance for the security of your unit's information systems
  • Coordinate unit inventories of restricted and sensitive information and information systems
  • Assist with periodic security and privacy risk assessments
  • Participate in implementing information security improvement action plans for your unit

How much time per month should I expect to spend as a Security Champ?

Approximately 3-4 hours per month, including quarterly Security Champs meetings.

What support will the ISO give me as a Security Champ?

  • Provide information security training and resources on at least a quarterly basis, plus ongoing support as needed
  • Complimentary lunch is served at quarterly meetings 

I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Contact the ISO Governance, Risk, & Compliance team at

Upcoming meetings

Quarterly Security Champs meetings are on hold while the Unified Cybersecurity Toolset is deployed. 

For more information, please contact

Last Updated: 2/23/24