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The Information Security Office (ISO) continuously strives for daily operational excellence
to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of University of Utah information technology systems and data through appropriate security resources and best practices.


A phishing email that offers U students employment, with a high-paying salary for just a few hours of work each week.

IT security tip: Be wary of unsolicited job recruitment emails

If an employment offer sounds too good to be true, creates a sense of urgency, or arrives unsolicited, it's likely a scam.

ESET logo

A photo illustration of a desktop computer (clockwise from top), tablet, mobile phone, and laptop whose screens contain an ad that reads "Create your own beautiful website."

ESET software discounted for U students and staff

The U’s Office of Software Licensing wishes to remind U students and employees that ESET Protect Entry, a cloud-based IT security solution, is available to students and employees for only $12 for use on personal desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. An annual license includes software updates and version upgrades. Please visit the software store (login required) for details.

UIT recommends U web hosting services over third-party providers

While using an external provider for websites with no sensitive data isn’t against university policy, those services often do not meet the university’s accessibility, branding, and IT security standards, potentially affecting the U’s reputation and safety.

Tips & resources

U of U virtual private network

To access certain resources on the University of Utah network, campus employees and students who work or study remotely and and hospital/clinics personnel who work remotely should use a secure virtual private network (VPN).

University of Utah VPN options:
  • Palo Alto Global Protect 
  • Departmental VPN


Secure those passwords!

Secure those passwords!

Is your password secure enough?

Easy-to-guess, "weak" passwords are the main way criminals gain access to system information. Keeping passwords safe and hard to guess is critical to ensure information is not compromised.

Take a moment to review the University of Utah's password requirements and guidelines.


IT security software available through OSL

IT security software essentials

With antivirus and firewall software, you can better protect your information and reduce the risk to your computers from malicious attacks. Both are available at a reduced cost through the U's Office of Software Licensing (OSL).

Licenses are available for university organizations, work-at-home staff and faculty, and student, faculty, and staff with personally-owned computers.


University-approved platforms for restricted and sensitive data

Due to the level of risk associated with restricted and sensitive data, the university has approved only a select number of platforms for those data types. Our security matrix provides an overview of some popular platforms and the data types for which they are approved.


FERPA: How to securely share and store student data

We created a couple of resources to help instructors and students understand which applications and devices can be used to share and store FERPA-protected data, especially as more of us use new platforms to learn, teach, and connect remotely.

Flowchart: Is this platform safe? READ MORE

Telecommuting? Follow these IT best practices.

Compared to working on campus, telecommuting can present different information security risks, especially when it comes to network security, data storage, and physical security. By following these best practices, you can help protect yourself and the university from cyberthreats.


Last Updated: 6/26/24