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How to secure your devices via software and system updates

An infographic with facts about device updates.

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An infographic on software and system updates, with the Cybersecurity Awareness Month logo in the top right and a blue to green gradient for a background. A line flows from top to bottom with green-blue dots marking important facts.

Fact 1: Text that reads, "1/3 of people say they 'sometimes,' 'rarely,' or 'never' install software updates." to the left of an illustration of a sloth lying in the curve of a tree branch.

Fact 2: Text that reads, "Just 20% of Android devices use the latest and safest OS version." to the right of an illustration of the green Android robot saying "HALP!" because it's cause on a fishing hook.

Fact 3: Text that reads, "Software updates patch security flaws and help protect your data." to the left of an illustration of a laptop with three gears, text that reads "UPDATE", and a progress bar on its black screen.

Fact 4: Text that reads, "DON'T click the 'remind me later' button!" to the right of an illustration of a window that prompts the user to install a software update.

Fact 5: Text that reads, "TURN ON automatic updates on all your devices — set it and forget it." to the left of an illustration of a pink circle containing the update symbol (two white curved arrows that form a circle). 

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Software isn’t always updated just for the latest and greatest bells and whistles — many patches include important IT security fixes. Threat actors are constantly looking for software vulnerabilities, so having up-to-date software is the only way to stay one step ahead.

When it comes to updates, don’t stop at software! It’s important to keep your device’s operating system up to date, too. Just like software, operating systems are also open to vulnerabilities.

Best practices

When updating software, download it only from an official source, whether that’s the company’s website or a trusted app store. Never use pirated copies of software as they often contain malware.

Even better, elect to automatically keep your software up to date. Many companies provide an option to automatically update their software. If you choose automatic updates, you never have to worry about checking for the latest patch.

Most operating systems also have an auto-update feature, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Stay updated to stay secure!

U of U IT security resources

The university has a number of resources available to help with your IT security needs. Recommended IT security software can be found on the Office of Software Licensing’s Security Essentials page.

University IT security regulations:

Policy 4-004 — Information Security Policy

Rule 4-004G — IT Resource and Information System Security and Vulnerability Management

Last Updated: 9/16/22