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Why is information security important?

Today, a lot of our personal information is transmitted and stored online, from our email addresses and phone numbers to our credit card and Social Security numbers. Criminals work constantly to steal that data, but fortunately we can protect ourselves by practicing good information security.

While good information security practices may seem like annoying extra steps each time you’re online, consider this: Your car’s brakes don’t just slow you down, they also let you safely drive faster by allowing greater control. Cybersecurity awareness and best practices will similarly let you do more online with increased safety and confidence.
By following the simple steps outlined in our short Canvas course (login required), we can all better use technology to improve our life at the University of Utah and at home without fear of cyberattacks.

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Additional cybersecurity training and IT resources

Cybersecurity basics

We can all do a little better when storing and securing our data and devices. Here are some tips on how to keep both safe from would-be criminals.


Scam tactics

Criminals often try to compromise devices, trick you into revealing valuable personal info, or con you out of money, etc. But you don't have to fall for it.


IT guides

These guides provide a quick glance at some of the digital resources available to U students, faculty, and staff, and some answers to common questions.


IT resources

We could all use a little help when it comes to our online safety and security — these UIT and national IT resources are a great place to get started. 


Report suspicious activity

If you experience a cybersecurity incident, please report it to the Information Security Office at or

If you cannot tell whether an email is legitimate, please report it using the Phish Alert Button, by forwarding it as an attachment to, or calling your respective help desk:

Campus IT Help Desk: 801-581-4000

University of Utah Health ITS Service Desk: 801-587-6000

Last Updated: 8/25/22